Nancy Pelosi Issues New Request For Fellow Democrats

( It appears as though the White House has finally reached an agreement with two key moderate senators on a path forward for President Joe Biden’s massive social spending plan.

Now, the party’s leader in the House is urging her members to “embrace” the deal.

On Tuesday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi basically begged the moderates and progressives among her party to agree to the compromise and support the deal that Biden is about to put forward. She said that time is running out for the Democrats to reach what she called a huge legislative victory.

In a closed-door meeting that Pelosi held with Democrats at the Capitol building, she said:

“We are on the verge of something major, transformative, historic and bigger than anything else. Embrace it for what it is. No bill is everything. We cannot miss this opportunity.”

According to a source who was present in the room for the meeting, Pelosi also took a hard stance. She said she wouldn’t bring the bipartisan infrastructure bill that has already passed in the Senate to the floor of the House until Democrats shored up a final agreement on the social spending bill.

That, apparently, was very welcomed news to the ears of the progressives in the party.

As California Representative Jared Huffman said in reference to the infrastructure bill:

“I’m somewhat encouraged by something the Speaker just told us, which is that we wouldn’t be asked to vote on the BIF unless and until we have rock-solid assurance that the same reconciliation bill is going to pass the House and the Senate and that it’s all locked down.

“Now what that looks like, how it proceeds, I don’t think anyone knows yet. But that’s reassuring that leadership understands that the votes and the politics and everything that prevented that [infrastructure] vote from going a few weeks ago are still the same.”

Biden has been working hard to get a deal done just among members of his own party in the last few weeks. The spending package will total close to $2 trillion, which is a big cut from the original $3.5 trillion proposal they initially put forward.

The president has been trying to get the agreement in place before he leaves on Thursday for a global health summit that’s being held in Europe. Biden has said he wouldn’t be in a good position to put pressure on other countries to curb their carbon emissions in an effort to fight climate change if they aren’t even doing the same back home.

As Pelosi mentioned to reporters as she was leaving the closed-door meeting:

“There’s not that much more time. We have to have decisions largely today, a little bit into tomorrow so we can proceed.”

The speaker said that roughly 90% of the bill was already written, with that final 10% still needing to be finalized in negotiations.

It still seems as though the final price tag of the bill is what’s holding up an agreement. Moderate Senator Joe Manchin from West Virginia has long stated he doesn’t want the package to exceed $1.5 trillion.

Biden, meanwhile, has been pushing for a package that would end up being roughly $2 trillion.