Nancy Pelosi Joins Music Concert To Party While Telling Americans To Social Distance

( Controversial House Speaker Nancy Pelosi just announced a mask mandate in the House of Representatives and has joined her Democrat colleagues in calling for various other COVID-related restrictions and social distancing measures, but that hasn’t stopped her enjoying a night out in New York City to watch Lady Gaga in concert.

Just how many people did Speaker Pelosi put in danger by potentially spreading COVID-19 while attending the concert at Radio City Music Hall?

The California politician was spotted last week in New York City watching Lady Gaga on stage with Tony Bennett, as the pair promote a new album produced together. She even waved to crowds in the Radio City Music Hall.

Pelosi could be seen surrounded by security personnel, as some odd people shouted, “we love you Nancy!”

Just how many people out there wish that they could afford to go to a concert in New York City, after more than a year of restrictive COVID-19 lockdowns?

The behavior of Pelosi and other Democrats flies in the face of the measures implemented by the federal government, by Democrat governors, and even by the Centers for Disease Control. Last week, the CDC issued a new eviction moratorium for people living in areas with a high COVID-19 infection rate.

Is there still a pandemic going on or not? We’re getting some serious mixed signals.

Pelosi didn’t even escape criticism from supporters of her own party. One Twitter user noted how Pelosi was out on the town while millions of Americans “face eviction” from their homes.

…which technically isn’t true. If they are being evicted then they are not technically their homes, and if people haven’t paid their rent, then they don’t have a right to be in those homes in the first place…