Nancy Pelosi Photographed With George Soros And His Son

( At this point, the whole country knows that far-left House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is more than happy to break the rules – even if she is the person behind those rules. After being spotted maskless in a salon getting her hair done during the first round of lockdowns in California last year, Pelosi has been pretty brazen in her refusal to follow the rules.

The latest example of Pelosi breaking the rules involves a photograph of her with the son of billionaire left-wing radical investor George Soros and his son Alexander Soros. She appears to have been hanging out with the pair over the weekend.

Alexander Soros tweeted a photograph of the trio standing in what looks like a perfectly manicured garden. No information, however, was given about the meeting and why they were together. They just all looked like they were having a grand old time together. Maskless.


The tweet didn’t go unnoticed, either. People were angry about it.

Not only is Pelosi standing maskless barely a foot away from other people, but people noted that meeting with infamous billionaires doesn’t sound like a good use of her time.

“How meeting infamous billionaire is your ‘focused on strengthening America’s middle class and creating jobs?!’” one user asked.

Another said, “Not a soul in that picture is to be trusted. At all.”

Sounds about right.