Nancy Pelosi Wants To Eliminate Filibuster Against Supreme Court

( After the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi released a statement demanding, among other things, that the Senate eliminate the filibuster rule.

In her melodramatic statement, Pelosi claimed the ruling showed the Supreme Court’s so-called “disrespect for a woman’s freedom over her reproductive health.”

She outlined how the House Democrats have been “preparing” for the possibility that the Court would send abortion back to the states and said Democrats are “exploring avenues to protect the health and freedom of American women” (unless those women are still in the womb).

The House Democrats plan to introduce legislation to protect data stored on “reproductive health apps,” and “clarify” women’s right to “travel freely” around the country.

She boasted about the House passing the inappropriately-named “Women’s Health Protection Act” that would have made abortion during all nine months of pregnancy legal in all fifty states.

Pelosi also attacked Justice Clarence Thomas who suggested in his concurring opinion that perhaps the Court should review the rulings on same-sex marriage and contraception, claiming his opinion “confirmed many of our deepest fears about where this decision may lead.”

Claiming Thomas was “taking aim” at precedent and “cherished privacy rights,” Pelosi said House Democrats will introduce legislation to “further codify” contraception and gay marriage.

And, as expected, Pelosi used the Court ruling to urge voters to elect more Democrats to Congress so the Senate can eliminate the filibuster to pass their stupid abortion law.

While Democrats are desperately hoping they can squeeze every electoral advantage out of Roe being overturned, their messaging doesn’t seem to be in line with the sentiment of voters.

A Harvard/Harris poll conducted after the Supreme Court ruled on Dobbs found that 72 percent of Americans support a 15-week abortion ban.

The Democrats’ “Women’s Health Protect Act” would make abortion legal through all nine months of pregnancy in all fifty states. Voters clearly do not agree with such a measure.

In fact, only 31 percent of respondents believe Congress should have the authority to pass a federal abortion law while 44 percent want abortion laws left up to the states.