Nancy Pelosi Will Run for Reelection in 2022

( After months of swirling rumors that the 81-year-old Nancy Pelosi was hanging up her pointed hat, hopping on her witch’s broom, and flying away home to San Francisco, CNN reported this week that the old bird plans to run for reelection next November.

And since San Francisco isn’t populated by the most informed and intelligent voters, Nancy would easily win reelection.

After Democrats nominated Pelosi to lead the House after the 2020 election, she suggested it would be her last term as Speaker of the House. But according to CNN, when she wins next November, old Nancy has every intention of remaining in the Democrat House leadership.

But what else is Nancy Pelosi going to say a year out from the next midterm? She has no option but to run for reelection.

The fact is, Pelosi is the linchpin that keeps the warring factions within the Democrat caucus in line. As California Democrat Congressman Ro Khanna told CNN, Democrats trust Pelosi’s judgment and skill.

If Pelosi announced now that she wasn’t going to run again next year, it would set off a death spiral for House Democrats at a time when they are already facing serious headwinds heading into the Midterm elections.

It would also mean Pelosi would become a lame-duck Speaker, making it easier for Moderate Democrats to reject her efforts to strongarm them into voting the way she wants. If she hopes to keep her caucus united through next November, Pelosi would be a fool to announce her retirement.

In short, she would have nothing to gain and everything to lose if she announced she wasn’t running for reelection.

Now, that doesn’t mean that Pelosi will stay around after the Midterm. She could very well, run, win and step down after the new Congress convenes in 2023. If she wants to retire, that would certainly be the smarter way to play it.

It is also equally possible that old Nance will remain in her seat until they carry her carcass out on a stretcher. The cumulative age of the Democrat House leadership is 244 years. Pelosi is 81, Majority Leader Steny Hoyer is 82, and Majority Whip James Clyburn is also 81. These people are like plantar warts. They are so embedded in their seats, it’s virtually impossible to extract them.