Nancy Pelosi’s Son Tied To Bribery Scandal Being Investigated By FBI

( A shocking new report from the Daily Mail reveals how far-left House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s son appears to have been involved in a bribery and fraud scheme that was investigated by the FBI. The Mail says that the revelation comes from documents “indicating he was the homeowner of the flophouse at the center of the investigation.”

53-year-old Paul Pelosi reportedly signed documents stating that he was the property owner and the person legally and financially responsible for proposed construction activity at the property which was known as “The Pit.”

Documents show how Pelosi applied for the same permits that were used by “permits expeditor” Rodrigo Santos, which Santos was indicted over.

A form from 2017 signed by Pelosi for the Department of Building Inspection provided evidence of his connection to the well-known corruption case.

If you’re unaware of the case and what happened, here it is:

Santos, along with building inspector Bernie Curran, was in federal court in San Francisco this week defend claims that Santos had encouraged his clients to donate large sums of money to a non-profit group favored by Currin. In return, he would ignore certain violations that made it difficult for certain buildings to receive city permits.

One of the clients wrote a check for $1,500 to the group, which reportedly resulted in violations at a hotel building being overlooked. The hotel was reportedly owned by Karena Apple Feng, a former girlfriend of Pelosi’s.

Court documents show that Pelosi was likely to be “Client 9,” as listed in court. The documents explain how Client 9 was somebody “working on behalf of the owners” of the property on Utah Street.

You can read the full report from The Daily Mail here.

As the court case continues, we are likely to hear more. We will report back once the case has concluded.

In the meantime…are you surprised that a member of the Pelosi family is embroiled in a corruption scandal?