NASA Reveals It Has No Plans For UFO

( The Senate is reportedly looking into the possibility of restarting a Pentagon program designed to investigate the origins and UFOs, or as they are now known, UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon). Reports, however, suggest that NASA might not actually be ready for what happens if the government, or anyone else, discovers the origins of these crafts or actually makes contact with one of these crafts.

During an interview on “Firing Line” on PBS, astronaut and former Senator Bill Nelson, who currently serves as the administrator of NASA, said that no plan is currently in place to deal with a situation whereby extraterrestrials officially make contact with humans on earth.

He says that even though NASA has long worked with explorers and researchers on determining the possibility of alien life, and messages have been sent well beyond the earth and into the solar system to contact possible alien civilizations, there actually isn’t a plan in place to deal with possible contact.

When Margaret Hoover asked him whether NASA has any system or protocol in place, he responded, “no.”

He did, however, explain that the first priority of NASA and the government would be to determine whether the aliens contacting the earth are “friend or foe,” before suggesting that he doesn’t believe the human race is at that stage yet as we don’t even know what UAPs actually are.

The truth is that they could, for all we know, be advanced technology pioneered by Russian or Chinese scientists. Who really knows?

Nelson insisted that the crafts are being witnessed not just by civilians, but also by Navy pilots and military officials. He insisted that they are not optical illusions because they are captured by military cameras and sensors, and Navy pilots are “convinced” because they witnessed them and tracked them.

When asked whether he thinks that it’s time for the government to give up more information about UAPs, he said that the first thing to do is to identify the crafts. Before then, he said he wasn’t sure what needed to be disclosed.

What do you think – are these alien crafts or does China have some technology we don’t know about yet?