NBC Insanely Asks Putin If He’s A “Killer”

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- Remember when President Joe Biden slammed Russian President Vladimir Putin as a “killer”? And Putin responded by proposing that President Biden debate him on live television?

Well, NBC just re-sparked that controversy, with Keir Simmons asking Putin during a one-on-one interview, “are you a killer?”

The Russian leader has long been believed to have orchestrated the deaths of various political enemies, though it has not officially been proven. World leaders and international human rights organizations have speculated that Putin was using his power and influence to take down political threats who opposed his control of Russia.

Most recently, Alexei Navalny was taken to the hospital and put into a medically induced coma after he was poisoned by a nerve agent. After he was treated in a German hospital, Navalny returned to Russia where he was arrested and thrown in prison. Today, Navalny is denied access to his doctors and has used hunger strikes to draw attention to his plight.

During an interview in Moscow before the G7 summit, Simmons said that the late Senator John McCain had called him a killer, President Trump was told that he was a killer, and President Biden flat out said it, too.

Putin responded by laughing and saying that he was “used to attacks” from all different angles, and said that he believes the comment is an “expression of overall U.S. culture.”

He didn’t deny being a killer, but changed the conversation to Hollywood, and then described how U.S. political culture isn’t actually normal.

Which, to be fair, it’s not. U.S. political culture is dominated by critical race theory and far-left ideology, which is not normal for most countries.

But note how Putin didn’t deny being a killer…

Watch the video here.