Netflix Actor Ben Platt Tells White People to Bail Out Violent Rioters

( Netflix star Ben Platt, who you might have seen on the streaming platform’s exclusive show “The Politician,” echoed the promises made by several other celebrities on Sunday when he said that he would be using his own cash to bail out violent rioters and encouraged others to do the same.

The Broadway “Dear Evan Hansen” star urged white people to keep donating bail funds to a charity he linked in his tweet.

“White ppl at home pls keep donating to the bail funds below,” he said.

“White ppl at protests, though we can’t control undue violence from police, pls don’t perpetrate unrelated chaos that the media will blame black protesters & leaders for. Go to protect, support & listen.”

Later on Sunday, however, deleted his tweet.

USA Today reporter Ilana Keller responded to his post, stating, “Y’all have seen ‘the media’ entrenched at protests, also being tear gassed, manhandled and shot at.”

“A reporter was blinded in one eye from a rubber bullet. They are there to tell the stories of the protests, fairly and firsthand. Don’t blanketly vilify ‘the media’ here, please.”

Platt conceded, responding, “Understood – my bad,” before deleting the tweet.

It’s an interesting example of how the left, generally, can’t decide who to support during these riots. Initially the rioting was justified by the usual excuses that big businesses have insurance, and that black lives can’t be replaced but shop fronts can. However in recent days as it has become clear that white members of Antifa have also had a hand in the violence, some have begun claiming that Black Lives Matter protesters are completely innocent and haven’t committed any violence.

This is untrue, as footage shows otherwise, but it represents a struggle between different factions among the Democrats and media class who can’t decide who to blame, and whether violence is justified or not.

One thing is for sure and that the violence being committed is not at the hands of Republicans.

In the deleted tweet, Platt linked to a Google Document that contained links for several major bailout funds being donated to. One of these funds was the Minnesota Freedom Fund which has come under scrutiny recently for being used to bail out members of Antifa who violently assaulted several innocent people.