New COVID Poll Shows Only 12% Of People Think COVID Is A Top Priority

( According to a new Ipsos/Reuters poll, only 12% of American adults said that they would rate public health matters, including COVID-19, as a top priority for the country.

It’s the clearest indication yet that President Joe Biden and the Democrats’ obsession with making everything about COVID is not popular among the American people – and an indication that they must reconsider their priorities if they expect to maintain control of Congress after the 2022 midterm elections.

The 12% figure is shocking also given that in February of this year, the figure was 20% higher – meaning that as the year comes to an end, people are very clearly ready to move on from this pandemic. But that’s difficult for Joe Biden, given he doesn’t seem to have much else to offer.

According to the new poll, 73% of American adults now want political leaders to focus on issues like economic growth and employment rates. A further two-thirds of respondents, including a majority in both major parties, said that inflation is a “very big concern.”

Reuters spoke to Nicholas Valentino, a political scientist from the University of Michigan, who said that Americans are now “ready to stop worrying about the coronavirus” after almost two years of the pandemic.

“When they look around they see other problems that need to be addressed,” Valentino added. “They see job listings everywhere. They’re waiting in long lines at the grocery stores. They’re waiting for things to be delivered because the supply chain is slow.”

Pollsters also discovered that almost 90% of Democrats support taxing the wealthy as the main priority for the party in 2022, while 76% say that climate change should be a top priority. Some 78% also said that guns are “too easy to access.”

While the world suffers from a pandemic caused by China and lockdowns pushed by the Democrats, the Democrats want to tackle…gun rights and climate change.

Priorities, huh?