New DOJ Documents Show FBI Panicked After Trump Discovered They Were Spying On Him

( In a desperate attempt to exonerate their client, defense attorneys for former Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann released handwritten notes from a March 6, 2017 meeting that showed that former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe acknowledged that the FBI knew Sussmann was acting on behalf of his clients when he brought his fake Trump/Alfa Bank “evidence” to the FBI.

And while that revelation will do little to exonerate Sussmann of the charge that he lied to the FBI, the notes his attorneys provided do reveal quite a bit about how the FBI handled the phony Russian collusion “investigation.”

Two days earlier, on March 4, 2017, former President Trump took to Twitter and accused Barack Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower and spying on his election campaign.

By March 2017, the FBI knew the allegations about Trump/Russia collusion were almost certainly false. And when Trump tweeted that his campaign was being spied on, it sent the FBI leadership into a panic over what prompted the tweets and how the former President knew so much about the agency’s efforts to link him to Russia.

The bulk of the March 6, 2017 meeting, which included FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and acting Attorney General Dana Boente, was spent discussing Trump’s tweets.

And from the notes provided by Sussmann’s lawyers, it is clear the FBI was doing its best to keep the Justice Department from learning the truth.

Notes of the meeting were taken by three DOJ officials, Tashina Gauhar, Mary McCord, and Scott Schools. In one note, McCabe is recorded saying Sussmann had been representing clients when he brought the FBI his “evidence” on Trump’s connections to Alfa Bank, which is why Sussmann’s lawyers presented it in his case.

Mary McCord had written that McCabe told DOJ officials that the FBI was “trying to determine what was behind POTUS tweets.” What a lie. The FBI knew exactly what was behind Trump’s tweets. They just didn’t want the DOJ to know.

Despite knowing the Russian collusion claims were false, it is clear from the notes that the FBI was not only doubling down on the collusion claims, but they were also keeping key details from the DOJ officials attending the meeting.

During the meeting, the FBI officials repeatedly described the debunked Steele dossier as “crown reporting,” while representing it as some sort of official UK government intelligence product rather than the product of a former spy in the employ of an opposition research team hired by the opposing campaign.