New Footage Shows Kyle Rittenhouse Was Attacked

( Never-before-seen video footage taken by the FBI the night Kyle Rittenhouse shot and killed two rioters in Kenosha, Wisconsin surfaced on Tuesday during the first day of Rittenhouse’s trial.

According to Human Events senior editor Jack Posobiec, the FBI allegedly had a high definition version of the video but never told Rittenhouse’s defense it existed.

The video, obtained by Human Events, includes aerial footage shot from an FBI surveillance craft showing Rittenhouse and the others involved in the shooting. This video was shown to the jury during the testimony of FBI agent Brandon Craimin who was one of the agents who filmed the footage.

The video makes it clear that the FBI sat on potentially exculpatory evidence in the Rittenhouse case. The threats from his attackers can be heard before Rittenhouse opened fire. Additionally, what appears to be muzzle flashes from people shooting at the teen can be seen on the footage.

Watch the video using full screen:

The FBI allegedly testified in private that they had another version of the video in HD that they did not supply to the defense. When asked for a copy, the FBI allegedly denied the defense’s request saying the video no longer existed.

During cross-examination of Agent Craimin, the defense asked for the tail number of the FBI plane, prompting an objection from the prosecution. Judge Bruce Schroeder asked for a sidebar to discuss the issue of the aerial footage and cleared the jury from the room.

Rittenhouse’s lead lawyer, Mark Richards told Judge Schroeder he believed that there was other video footage, captured by the FBI, that was no longer available. Richards reportedly said it was “preposterous” that the FBI allegedly lost the footage.

Thomas Binger, the lead prosecutor, then told Schroeder regarding the FBI’s footage, that “the federal government is not under our control.”

Schroeder was mystified. He reminded the prosecution that this was a criminal trial and there should be no “cloak and dagger stuff.”

Rittenhouse is charged with six felonies and one misdemeanor, including first-degree intentional homicide. He has pleaded not guilty claiming self-defense.

And from the video withheld by the FBI, it is clear that Rittenhouse did act in self-defense, which begs the question, why did the FBI withhold such crucial evidence from the defense?