New ID Required To Access Gas Pumps In Sri Lanka

( In an effort to limit fuel consumption, the new president of Sri Lanka, Ranil Wickremesinghe, has instituted a scheme that requires individuals to enter gas stations using a digital ID with a QR code.

To comply with the newly implemented Fuel Quota laws, Sri Lankans must utilize the numbers on their National Identity Cards to apply a QR code that would allow them to access gas pumps.

The necessity to have a QR code is now being enforced by the armed guards of Sri Lanka, which the government employs.

According to reports, the citizens of Sri Lanka would thereafter be required to take turns getting fuel depending on the final digit of the car registration numbers they possess. However, to prevent further harm to Sri Lanka’s tourism economy, foreigners and visitors would be given priority while purchasing fuel in Colombo, the country’s largest city.

Armed security personnel is helping to implement the QR code digital ID gasoline rationing program. In the past, they were also stationed at gas stations armed with guns to stop those driving “non-essential automobiles” from buying fuel.

Kanchana Wijesekera, the Minister of Power and Energy for Sri Lanka, was the one who initially proposed the plan.

In May, Prime Minister Wickremesinghe warned that the insolvent nation had run out of gasoline and would face more challenges in the months ahead.

“There is no more gasoline,” he said. “At this time, the only gasoline supplies we have are enough for one day,” he stated.

The new Prime Minister then posted a series of posts on Twitter about alerting the country’s 21 million citizens that they should prepare for power shortages that might last for up to 15 hours and that life would become “unpleasant and frightful.”

Wickremesinghe stated that Sri Lankans were about to enter a period of their life that would be the most challenging they have ever experienced. He has no intention of covering up the facts or deceiving the public. He said this is the reality of the situation, even though acknowledging these truths is upsetting and frightening.

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