New Leak Reveals Devastating News About Joe Biden

( A staggering report from Bloomberg News published on Saturday revealed that during his European trip in June President Biden assured key allies that the US would maintain enough of a security presence in Afghanistan to ensure US allies could continue to operate in Kabul after the withdrawal of US forces was complete.

Bloomberg obtained a British diplomatic memo which revealed that during the G7 Summit in Cornwall, Biden promised UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and other allies that “critical US enablers” would remain in place to keep Kabul safe after the troop drawdown.

Based on that assurance, British officials determined that since the US would provide sufficient security personnel, the UK embassy could continue operations.

The Taliban swept into Kabul on Saturday August 14 and Kabul fell less than 24 hours later. There was no “critical US enablers” on the ground. And now Western governments are scrambling to get their diplomats out of Kabul before Biden’s August 31 deadline.

Which only goes to show that America’s allies should never trust a single assurance coming out of Joe Biden’s mouth.

The Bloomberg report certainly casts a dark pall over Biden’s upbeat “American diplomacy is back” boasting during the G7 summit.

And for believing Biden, foreign ministers from both the UK and Germany are facing calls to quit over their foot-dragging on getting officials and Afghan allies out of Afghanistan.

According to Bloomberg, European leaders had discussed with Biden the need to continue supporting the Afghan government after the drawdown. These discussions, which began at the G7, continued at the NATO summit which followed it.

Around the same time, the EU’s top diplomat Josep Borrell was warning Secretary of State Blinken that withdrawing troops from Afghanistan would give the Taliban the upper hand and, in turn, could pose a direct threat to European security.

Of course, all of these discussions happened before the US foolishly bugged out of Bagram Air Base in early July.

Pressure is now building on President Biden to give up his pipedream of being out of Afghanistan by August 31 to allow for more time to evacuate allies and foreign nationals still trapped. However, Biden refuses to budge – not that it’s really up to him anymore. On Monday it was reported that the Taliban refused to permit an extension to the August 31 deadline Biden imposed.