New Poll Exposes Failure Of Kevin McCarthy

( Richard Baris, a political blogger and pollster, spoke to Steve Bannon last week about House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and his popularity within the Republican Party.

Baris said that McCarthy has always had three in 10, or a third of the country, who didn’t really know him but that he was “always underwater.” All congressional leaders are underwater, he continued, but said that the difference between Democrats and Republicans is that their base rallies around their congressional leaders…unlikely Republicans.

He noted how Nancy Pelosi has a much higher “very unfavorable” rating than Kevin McCarthy does among his own party. Baris said that Pelosi has a majority favorability in her party, but that McCarthy…definitely does not.

“Kevin McCarthy is only about four in 10,” he said. “And now, ‘very unfavorable’ is starting to bloat a little bit,” he added.

Well, that’s not good.

Baris said that McCarthy’s unpopularity wasn’t just from his own part, but also came from independents.

How can a party promote a positive message for the country if the Republican leaders are so disliked?

Baris said that “Americans can’t stand them,” and at this point, it makes you wonder why nothing is being done to change those leaders ahead of the 2022 midterms.

President Donald Trump’s political future could depend on these midterms. If Republicans are hurt badly and cannot at least take back the House, then a movement may soon grow within the Republican Party to disassociate with the America First message – even if the polling shows that the American people prefer the message over the leaders.

The news comes after rumors circulated about President Donald Trump’s possible run for Congress to become House Speaker. While the former president has said that he is unlikely to run for Congress, some have theorized that he could still become the House Speaker without being elected at all. The constitution doesn’t require it, after all.

And let’s be honest…Trump would be a more popular House Speaker than McCarthy, right?