New Poll Shows Majority Thinks Cancel Culture Is Too Far

( A new poll shows how an overwhelming majority of American voters think that the Woke left has gone too far with “cancel culture,” which refers to the common practice of getting people fired or shunned from public life if they don’t support radical progressive ideas.

Some 71% of registered voters responded to a The Hill-HarrisX poll, saying that they strongly or somewhat believe that cancel culture has gone too far. Some 29% said that they don’t believe it has gone far at all – and presumably, those 29% are either supporters of cancel culture, or just haven’t heard of it yet.

The poll used the definition of cancel culture from Merriam Webster, which is:

“The practice or tendency of engaging in mass canceling as a way of expressing disapproval and exerting social pressure.”

When broken down by party, the poll found that 76% of Republican voters think that cancel culture has gone too far. Surprisingly, even 70% of Democrats said that same thing. Some 68% of independents also thought that cancel culture is going too far.

If polls are showing that the majority of the American people don’t support Woke ideas like cancel culture, then why do the Democrats keep pushing it?

You can view the full results here.