New Research May Cure Death, Scientists Think

( Harvesting the blood and body parts of the young in the expectation of gaining immortality is no longer just a trope in horror novels but rather a possible prospect, according to recent scientific research conducted by Stanford University.

Research conducted at Stanford demonstrates that infusing cerebrospinal fluid of young mice into aged animals enhances brain function. This finding paves the way for developing comparable applications for human beings.

The researchers at Stanford found that older mice were better at remembering to correlate a mild electric shock with noise and flashing light after putting fluid from mice that were ten weeks old into the brains of mice that were 18 months old. This process took place over the course of seven days.

An in-depth investigation revealed that the fluid had “awakened” mechanisms that renew neurons and myelin. This fatty coating shields nerve cells within the hippocampus, which is the brain’s memory center.

According to the study, experiments show that young blood itself can reverse the aging process, possibly even curing Alzheimer’s disease, which shows that the same approach could be applied to research on anti-aging. This is demonstrated by the fact that experiments show that young blood can reverse the aging process.

To explore life extension, elitists and transhumanists have been interested in extracting material from young individuals for a long time.

Kim Jong-il, a former ruler of North Korea, was known to have frequented a clinic where he could have injections of blood extracted from young, healthy virgins. He did this with the mistaken notion that it would help him live longer.

According to an article published by The Telegraph, the practice of “harvesting the blood and body parts of the young to obtain immortality has long been a common cliché in horror fiction and conspiracy theories.”

It would appear not for very much longer.