New York Governor Reveals Plans To “Replace” All Unvaccinated People

( New York’s new governor, Kathy Hochul, just said the quiet part out loud…and admitted that she will be replacing unvaccinated Americans with vaccinated foreigners.

During a visit to Rochester, Governor Hochul had a message for doctors, healthcare providers, and nurses who have chosen not to get the vaccine. After thanking those who complied with the overreaching government mandates, Hochul went on to say:

“To those who won’t, we will be replacing people,” she said.

Can she be any more heartless? Healthcare workers who didn’t have access to the vaccine throughout 2020 were heroes during the pandemic, and now as 2021 comes to a close, they’re no longer heroes and worthy of simply being fired.

Hochul said that she is sending out a statewide call for people to get the vaccine, and celebrated the news that 98% of medical workers in New York City are already vaccinated and don’t have a worker shortage. She said she is working closely with those hospitals to find out where they can get other individuals – vaccinated, of course – to come and fill in for the missing staff in nursing homes and other facilities throughout the state.

The truth is, though, there simply isn’t enough. New York City workers are often living and working in New York City because that’s where they want to be. At this stage, the only hope that Hochul has is accepting new migrants into the state to fill the roles – and you know the Biden administration would happily comply with such a request.

Hochul’s anger that much of her state does not have the same level of vaccination as New York City could potentially prompt new action if her threat of replacing people doesn’t work. New York state has not reimplemented the mask mandate since the Centers for Disease Control recommended that people wear them indoors, but that could all soon change…and there’s no telling whether Hochul will extend NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio’s vaccine mandate for frequenting businesses and restaurants.