News Host Warns Of Cannibalism In Dire Warning About Food Shortages

( A British television personality, Jeremy Clarkson, said that worldwide food shortages caused by the Ukraine conflict might eventually lead to cannibalism.

The Grand Tour host, who also runs a well-known farm shop in the Cotswolds, made the remarks in a recent Sunday Times article.

Clarkson admitted that the situation in Ukraine was causing him sleepless nights and “a few chin-scratching moments of dread.”

Due to rising fertilizer prices, the former Top Gear host, who also owns a farm that inspired his famous Amazon Prime series Clarkson’s Farm, claims more and more farmers in the UK are leaving their fields to lay fallow.

Some farmers will use less fertilizer next year because of the price. Others will use cardboard, grass clippings, or feces. They will generate less food in either case. Some farmers have fallowed their fields and raise nothing next year.

He said that this isn’t limited to the United Kingdom. It’s a worldwide occurrence, and there may be 20% less food in stores than is required. He then noted that Russia and Ukraine produce more than a fifth of world wheat exports.

The world, according to Clarkson, is “hurtling down a well-watered slide into the pit of starvation, misery, and death.”

Sunflower seeds, and other foods, such as sunflower oil, are already rationed in the UK because of the war in Ukraine. Ukraine is also one of the world’s leading providers of fertilizer. If that becomes unavailable, we are in dire trouble.

Clarkson said that hunger causes people to eat their neighbors.

Matteo Salvini, the head of the Italian League, has warned that if a ceasefire in Ukraine is not reached by the end of the month, 20 million African migrants will flood Europe. There will be starvation in the autumn if there is no peace, and 20 million Africans will be ready to go.

Clarkson echoed the crisis and said that nearly a third of the wheat Ukraine harvests goes to Africa, and it won’t be getting any this summer. He warned that the current migration crisis would be a “trickle” compared to the tsunami that might be on the horizon.

He also chastised the government for failing to respond sufficiently to the cost-of-living problem, warning that while people can live without heat, clothing, or even sex, they cannot survive without food.

Technically, we cannot survive without sex over the long term, either.