Newsmax Crushes Fox News In Key Ratings

( Newsmax continues to crush it, beating several major news networks as it expands its coverage and offers perhaps the most comprehensive reporting on former President Donald Trump’s efforts to establish election integrity in the United States.

After covering the former president’s rally in Phoenix, Arizona, last Saturday, Newsmax reported that their viewership beat all other major cable news networks in the country.

It proves two things: that former President Donald Trump still attracts a huge amount of support from all over the country, and that the American people are willing to switch networks and listening to new media outlets.

That’s bad news for CNN and the old media.

According to Nielsen data, Newsmax took the number one spot in key coverage ratings, and won in all demographics. The network celebrated the news, describing their coverage as “walloping” Fox News, MSNBC, Fox Business Network, CNN, and CNBC.

The Nielsen data showed that Newsmax attracted a household coverage rating of 1.31, while Fox News came second with 1.31 on that night.

In terms of viewers, Newsmax achieved a rating of .71, while Fox achieved .49.

Maybe it’s time for Fox to stop pandering to the left and start covering more of former President Trump’s rallies…clearly it’s what the American people want to see.

CNN struggled with just 0.49 in terms of households, and .22 for viewership. That’s bad for a network that was at one point the most-watched network in America.

It turns out that not being able to smear the President of the United States every single day is hurting CNN…

Newsmax is just one of a number of new news media outlets covering the former president’s post-White House campaigning, with One America News and Real America’s Voice also offering extensive coverage.