Newsmax Star Slams Shallow Ocasio-Cortez On National TV

( Newsmax anchor Greg Kelly had an interesting take on the Met Gala, and the coverage of far-left New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, describing how nobody seems to care about her hypocrisy because she’s “young, she’s pretty, she’s Hispanic.”

It’s the truth but not something many people will want to admit.

During his Tuesday show, he said it was unsurprising that AOC was there, in her “silly dress” that was emblazoned with “Tax the Rich’ on the back. He acknowledged that the ticket cost $30,000 – and we still don’t seem to know who paid for that – and said it’s not news to say that the entire event couldn’t have happened without rich people.

He did, however, offer a new analysis – that if AOC was “really about ideas” and not just “virtue signaling:” to her supporters, then she would have done something meaningful and allowed Amazon to invest in her district.

Remember that? Back in 2018, Amazon proposed establishing a corporate campus in her district in New York that would have brought jobs to the region. AOC, however, led protests against the decision, forcing Amazon to cancel the plans.

Whatever our qualms may be with Amazon over the politics of its owner, what is wrong with investment in a district that would benefit from new jobs?

Isn’t AOC all about improving the lives of her constituents?

He then showed a clip of AOC praising the decision, and stating that it proves that everyday Americans have the power to “fight for their communities.”

Kelly added that she made the claims back when she didn’t understand tax incentives, publicly got things wrong about them in interviews, and still doesn’t seem to understand. But it doesn’t matter, Kelly said, because “she’s everywhere.”

“She was on the cover of TIME magazine. She went to the ball,” he said.

Think about it…has anyone actually asked AOC tough questions about the economy? Or about how her actions deprived her constituents of jobs that would be hugely beneficial to New York right now?

Watch the segment here.