Newsmax To Host New Hampshire GOP Senate Debate at Saint Anselm

( Newsmax hosted the New Hampshire Republican Primary Debate at Saint Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire this past Wednesday moderated by John Bachman. The debate featured candidates retired Army General Don Bolduc, Bruce Fenton, state Senator Chuck Morse, and Kevin Smith.

“People across New Hampshire are hungry to learn about the Republican candidates as they make their choice in this critical primary,” said Chris Ruddy, Newsmax CEO. “Newsmax is glad to be actively involved across the nation in a series of debate and town hall events to further voter awareness.”

The state holds its primary on September 13 as the four candidates vie for the seat that the outlet reports might help in determining the senate majority in the midterm elections.

“I believe what separates me from the other candidates up here is my connection with the Granite Staters,” Bolduc said in closing remarks at the debate. “I have been campaigning for two years. I’ve been in every town and city. Granite Staters are angry. They are hurting.

Smith is a former Londonderry town manager, and focused on his border security plan, which was endorsed by the U.S. Border Patrol Council. “This is a very important issue right now for New Hampshire voters because we’ve seen drugs like fentanyl make their way into communities,” he said, adding that he would go head-to-head with incumbent Democratic Senator Maggie Hassan who he says has not been representing the people of the Granite State.

Smith said that despite her sitting on the Homeland Security Committee, she has not done anything to keep the borders secure. He then turned to her failure to do anything about election integrity, instead voting to federalize the elections.

Fenton portrayed himself as a more libertarian “leave-me-alone” candidate, saying that the dollar was “a melting ice cube.” He also said he was against foreign spending, vowing that when he’s in Washington he would say no more military support for foreign spending.

“I feel horrible for the people who had to go to Afghanistan and fighting that ridiculous war, and I’m sad that they had to do it. I was out there fighting against that war. They lied to the generals and the admirals, just like they lied to me,” he said.

Morse was similar in his goals as a small business owner with the intent to curb unnecessary spending in Washington. He also called out representatives and senators, suggesting they go on veterans’ healthcare to see how it works.

“You know, one thing we could do is basically tell the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House they’re going to go on veterans insurance care,” More said. “They’re going to have to try it out and see how it works, because that would send a strong message on how we’re going to get it fixed.”