Newsmax Tv Bringing In Whopping Amount Of Independent Voters As Nation Turns Right

( Fox News might be clawing back viewers by bringing new conservative voices to its network, from Trey Gowdy to Dan Bongino, but its conservative network competitors aren’t suffering because of it.

Newsmax, the conservative-leaning news network and news website, reported on Thursday that the channel is leading the way for all major cable news channels for independent voters.

It means that the regular smears from Democrats and the left-wing press, accusing Newsmax of being a radical, right-wing propaganda outlet, is completely wrong – and the independent voters know it.

Newsmax revealed how a study conducted by Nielsen-MRI Fusion found that Newsmax’s audience has some “surprising” qualities. It found that Newsmax led all cable news channels with viewers who don’t have any political affiliation or who consider themselves “middle-of-the-road.”

It means that independent viewers are increasingly turning off from the major networks, likely angry and tired of the blatant political propaganda pushed by networks like MSNBC and CNN.

37% of Newsmax viewers, according to Nielsen data, consider themselves independents – but by contract, CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC scored 35%.

So for now, it’s only a small difference, but it’s an important and telling indication that people are switching off from the big networks.

The data also showed that Newsmax draws viewers from both major parties, with 37% of viewers identifying as Republicans, and 26% as Democrats.

For a network so often smeared as a pro-Trump “right-wing” channel, that’s huge!

It’s good news for Newsmax and good news for viewers who want a diverse range of shows and networks available on cable TV.

Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy said that it proves their network is drawing viewers from a “diverse” range of backgrounds, but that the one thing uniting Newsmax viewers is their “appetite for real news.”