Newt Gingrich Says Pelosi Caused January 6th, She’s Responsible

( Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich last week put the blame for the security failures during the riot on January 6, 2021, directly at the feet of the current Speaker, Nancy Pelosi.

During a segment on Fox News’ Ingraham Angle last Thursday, host Laura Ingraham asked Gingrich if Nancy Pelosi is responsible for overseeing “the protection and defense” of the Capitol complex, why isn’t she facing more scrutiny for dropping the ball.

Gingrich explained that, as Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi is in charge of Capitol security. It was Pelosi’s job to make sure there was enough security on that day. And if the Capitol police alone weren’t going to be enough, Gingrich explains, it was Pelosi’s responsibility to make sure the National Guard was there to pick up the slack.

Gingrich argued that this central issue isn’t going to be addressed by the highly partisan select committee because the committee is politically-motivated. To prove his point, Gingrich suggested that the select committee also won’t review the allegations that the FBI placed provocateurs in the crowd.

Gingrich noted that, as a former Speaker of the House, he was “deeply offended” by what the rioters did on the Capitol grounds. But, he added, he is more offended that Nancy Pelosi failed to do her job and make sure the Capitol breach didn’t happen.

Watch Gingrich’s segment on the Ingraham Angle HERE.