Newt Gingrich Says What’s Next For GOP

( In an op-ed at Fox News Digital, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich recapped the surprising Midterm election that failed to generate the projected “Red Wave.”

He noted that, despite only winning a slim majority in the House, Republicans are estimated to have received 52.3 percent of the vote in the House races compared to only 46.2 percent for the Democrats. This gave Republicans a 6.1 percent margin over Democrats, which is far greater than the 2.5 percent margin in the generic congressional vote polling.

According to Gingrich, the single biggest result from last week’s Midterms will be that the House shifted from far-Left to conservative, which he believes will affect everything the House does including spending, legislation, investigations, and “committee actions.”

Gingrich also noted the success of Republican governors, especially the landslide reelection victory of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. In 2018, DeSantis barely eked out a win over Democrat Andrew Gillum. But after four years of racking up wins and accomplishments as governor, DeSantis not only defeated Crist by a 19-point margin, but he also won the reliably Democrat counties like Miami-Dade and Palm Beach. Gingrich noted that the DeSantis landslide was so huge that he even carried the Latino vote.

Gingrich goes on to suggest what the Republican House should do when they take over Congress next year.

He writes that Republican lawmakers should spend 90 percent of their time looking for “workable, doable solutions” to solve the problems Americans are facing. He noted that while Kevin McCarthy made attempts during the midterms to outline the Republican agenda, it was only a start in the right direction. Gingrich added that the Republicans “never drove it home and made it vivid.”

Gingrich also suggests that Republicans in the House spend only 10 percent of their time conducting “serious thoughtful investigations” rather than “show trials or baseless mock hearings.” He explains that the public has the right to know about the “corruption, dishonesty, inefficiency and law breaking” that occurred when “Democrats had complete power.”

Read Gingrich’s column HERE.