Nicki Minaj Asked To Meet With White House

( President Joe Biden’s White House has reportedly offered to speak on the phone with rapper Nicki Minaj, in what appears to be an offer they think she can’t refuse.

Newsmax revealed how the White House has offered to speak to Nicki Minaj following her public announcement that she does not support the vaccine mandate, that she does not believe in cancel culture, and that she will not be silenced by journalists who are threatening her family in Trinidad.

Minaj revealed the offer of a phone call from the White House on Wednesday, and she said she has accepted it. It doesn’t mean, however, that she’s about ready to listen to Joe Biden and accept his demands.

A White House official told the press that Minaj was offered an “educational” phone call, if you believe it. The spokesperson said that they offered Minaj something that they have offered other people – which is a call with one of their doctors to answer questions she might have about the “safety and effectiveness of the vaccine.”

Given how Nicki Minaj responded to the threats made to her family in Trinidad, and her social media posts that compared American cancel culture to communist China, it seems pretty unlikely to us that Nicki Minaj is about to give in to the White House any time soon.

And when we say the media threatened her – we’re not exaggerating.

Take a look:

Guardian Media is condemning Nicki Minaj’s decision to out the journalist that made the threats, but has not apologized for the threats made to conservatives over the years by people who read their “journalism.”

Nicki Minaj became a target for the press and the Democrats when she revealed how a cousin in Trinidad had a friend who experienced a swollen testicle after receiving the vaccine.

Simply making the statement on Twitter caused international outrage and got her suspended on Twitter.

This is what happens when celebrities fall out of line. The left loses it.