Nonprofit Calls For Facebook To Target Election Fraud Claims Made Before January 6th

( Democrats really don’t want any evidence of election fraud to be released, and really don’t want the results of the Arizona audit to be taken seriously…and the news that a non-profit established by Biden allies is calling on Facebook to review whether it contributed to the spread of information about fraud is extremely telling.

A letter seen by Politico from the “Building Back Together” non-profit calls on the social media giant to conduct an internal probe to determine whether it contributed to the spread of what Democrats call “baseless” election fraud claims.

The truth is that claims of election fraud are actually backed by evidence. Not only did the personal attorney of former President Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, present thousands of sworn affidavits at evidentiary hearings, but evidence of tens of thousands of votes cast in battleground states was obtained by data analyst Matt Braynard.

Despite this, the Democrats’ “Big Lie” that election fraud did not occur is being firmly established as a meta-truth through intimidation tactics and faux outrage.

Bob Bauer, a former Obama staffer and Biden campaign adviser, is the senior voting rights adviser for Building Back Together. He urged Facebook to make an “unequivocal commitment to the complete and public review suggested by the Oversight Board” and challenged the social media platform to perform a “transparent evaluation” of whether it contributed to the spread of information relating to election fraud.

The intention is pretty clear here, right? If Facebook can be pressured and punished for helping conservatives spread information, then the Democrats can get away with rigging any election they like…or, at least, benefit from election fraud committed by outside actors.

Bauer said that the spread of “disinformation” is a “profound threat to the health of American democracy,” which is ironic given that he and his Democrat colleagues regularly stand in the way of Republicans implementing strict voter ID regulations that would ensure the health of America’s democracy by stopping illegitimate votes.

Can you believe the gall of these people?

Facebook has already said that its board has made a number of recommendations on how to “improve” its policies, so we should probably expect another purge of users sometime soon.