Numbers Show Traditional Families Making Strong Comeback In America

( After decades of decline, recent data from the Census Bureau indicates there is a resurgence of two-parent families.

Steve Cortes breaks down the numbers at The National Pulse, and for the first time since the 1970s, over seventy percent of American children are being raised in homes with both parents. What’s more, studies show that Americans do not prefer the family structure of both parents working full time outside of the home.

Cortes cites a recent Gallup poll that found the majority of women with children under 18 prefer to stay home with their children rather than work outside the home. Even married women without children prefer to remain homemakers than work outside the home.

A Forbes poll showed that 84 percent of mothers say their goal is having enough financial security to allow them to stay home with the children.

According to a recent study from American Compass, among income groups, it is working class people who are most inclined to favor a traditional family structure with 71 percent saying they do not want both parents working full time.

It is Cortes’ contention that political candidates that run on a platform that empowers families to live on one income who could “dominate American politics for decades.”

Cortes includes as examples of this advocating for school choice and the recent push to “fund students not schools” that has been gaining momentum in states throughout the country.

He also suggested offering financial incentives much like those implemented in Hungary to combat its plunging birthrate.

Cortes also argues that politicians should continue to advance the trade and offshoring protection policies advocated by President Trump. Prior to the pandemic and states locking down their economies, President Trump’s policies protected working class jobs and increased wages for the first time in decades.

Finally, Cortes believes immigration control – not just protecting the border from illegal aliens, but also limiting the immigration rate entirely – will give the country’s economy time to heal from the unwise pandemic lockdowns. What’s more, Cortes argues putting a moratorium on legal immigration will allow the country to restart immigration on a merit-based system that welcomes immigrants who will add to the nation’s prosperity.