NYC Declares “State Of Emergency” Over Baby Food Shortages

( On Sunday, the Democratic Mayor of New York City, Eric Adams, declared a state of emergency due to widespread shortages of newborn and baby formula across the country.

In light of the widespread scarcity, shops restrict the amount that individual consumers may buy. Along with an average price rise of 18 percent for the most popular infant formula in the country, several areas are reporting between 31 percent and 50 percent of the product entirely out of stock. This is happening in all 50 states.

On Sunday, Adams issued an emergency executive order that gives the Department of Consumer and Worker Protection the authority to prevent corporations from engaging in price gouging for formula.

Adams was quoted as saying that the countrywide infant formula scarcity has created “unimaginable sorrow and concern” for families throughout the state and that “we must act with urgency” in response to the situation.

The mayor said that this emergency executive order would assist them in cracking down on any store that attempts to capitalize on this situation by jacking up prices. He said his message to struggling women and families is straightforward- “Our city will do all in its ability to support you during this difficult time.”

Adams said that more than forty percent of the infant formula businesses in and around New York City are entirely out of stock.

CNN reached out to several stores in New York City and discovered that two major supermarkets in the city were entirely out of stock, with a staffer at one of the stores remarking that the shop is “holding the merchandise in the back office.”

According to CNN, the price of various brands and varieties of infant formula ranged anywhere from $14.49 to $25.99. The Biden administration was aware of the impending crisis as early as February.

The shortage was primarily caused by the failure of Abbott, a major baby formula manufacturing plant in Michigan, to meet safety standards, resulting in a massive recall.