NYT Admits Steele Dossier Was Fake

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- Now that Donald Trump is out of the White House and the Democrats got their way electing Joe Biden to destroy the American economy and stop the construction of the “racist” border wall, the New York Times has finally admitted that the Steele dossier was false.

You know, the fake dossier that was used by politicians and the media to stain former President Donald Trump’s character and get him forced out of office.

In a piece by Barry Meier titled, “Secret Sharers: The Hidden Ties Between Private Spies and Journalists,” the outlet effectively admitted that the dossier – which originated from former British spy Christopher Steele and made a number of false allegations about Donald Trump’s relationship with Russia – wasn’t accurate at all.

Meier explained how Steele was hired during the 2016 presidential campaign by investigative research company Fusion GPS to find “dirt” on the former president. And the founders of the company, two former reporters from the Wall Street Journal, told Meier that they would not talk to him for a book he was writing at the time. He said that it forced him to knock on the door on Steele’s home in Farnham, England.

Meier became familiar with Steele’s work and while he speculated in the piece that Russia “did try to influence the 2016 election,” he also admitted that many of the most explosive claims in the dossier turned out not to be true.

Among the fake claims was the “’pee’ tape” that supposedly featured Trump engaging in bizarre sexual acts on camera, and another tape of a meeting between Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen and Russian operatives.

Meier said that the claims have “never materialized or have been proven false.” And that’s a big statement for the New York Times, given that the outlet so regularly smeared the president and pushed the fake dossier.

But now Trump is out of office, it’s so much easier for the outlet to finally admit they weren’t exactly being honest…