NYT Pieces Together Jeffrey Epstein’s Final Days

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- Last week, the New York Times published a report chronicling the final days of Jeffrey Epstein’s life.

The paper received over 2,000 pages of documents from the Federal Bureau of Prisons through a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit. Using the records and notes compiled by those who interacted with Epstein while he stayed at New York City’s Metropolitan Correctional Center, the New York Times was able to get a picture of how Epstein spent his time in the days leading up to his suicide on August 10, 2019.

The report includes records of his interactions with psychologists, administrators, and fellow inmates. After his attempted suicide in July, Epstein went out of his way to convince psychologists and administrators that he had much to live for, telling one psychologist “being alive is fun.” He repeatedly denied that he was suicidal, and said he was too much of a coward to take his own life.

According to the report, Epstein spent nights in his cell pacing, “sleeping fitfully” and talking to other inmates. He talked to inmates about the escort business and all the celebrities he knew.

Just hours before he committed suicide, the unit manager wrote that Epstein asked to make a social phone call. The unit manager asked Epstein whom he was calling and Epstein told him his mother. Only Epstein’s mother died in 2004.

The New York Times spoke with three people with knowledge of the phone conversation who confirmed that the person Epstein called on his last night alive was his 30-year-old girlfriend Karyna Shuliak. These sources said that during his talk with Shuliak, Epstein did not indicate that he planned to commit suicide.

Once he finished the phone call, Epstein returned to his cell which he had to himself as no new cellmate had been assigned to him. He was also left unmonitored by the two officers on duty at the time. Those two officers later entered into a deferred prosecution agreement after being charged with falsifying jail records on the night of Epstein’s suicide.

The New York Times noted that an inmate who shared the cell next to Epstein told a kitchen worker that he could hear Epstein tearing his sheet which he later used to hang himself.

Epstein was found the following morning with the bedsheet tied around his neck, and he was pronounced dead about an hour later.