Obama Confirms UFO Sightings Are Real

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- In April, the US Navy released video footage of three triangular-shaped unidentified objects flying off the coast of California. The 18-second video was shot from the USS Russell in July 2019 and is believed to be authentic.

In December, President Trump signed a bill that gave intelligence officials 180 days to submit a report detailing everything the US government knows about so-called UFOs.

According to Trump’s former DNI John Radcliffe, the report due out in June will show that there are a lot more sightings of UFOs than have been admitted publicly. Radcliffe told Fox News that objects seen by Navy and Air Force pilots or picked up on satellite imagery “engage in actions that are difficult to explain.”

With all the UFO talk in anticipation of the release of the report, on Tuesday, Late Late Show host James Corden asked former President Barack Obama if there is any truth behind it.

Obama confirmed what Radcliffe said to Fox – namely that objects have been observed that cannot be identified and move in strange and inexplicable ways.

Interestingly, after the Navy released the video footage in April, a website called The Drive published a piece by Tyler Rogoway of The War Zone positing that, rather than showing crafts of an extraterrestrial origin, it is possible that the objects captured on film are adversary drones.

The article suggests that the evidence is far more compelling that these unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) emanate from “peer-state competitors” rather than outer space.

In other words, instead of ET visiting Earth, these objects – often seen by military – are actually America’s enemies spying on the US, and using America’s fascination with UFOs to get away with it.

Rogoway points out a number of examples of how as early as the 1940s both US and foreign nations had invested in the development of unmanned aircraft, including radar-reflecting balloons that are specifically designed to confuse enemy radar.

He argues that, unlike the stereotypical “fixed wing” style of drone common in the civilian market, there are “far more configurations, some of which look downright alien.” They also are less likely to fly like traditional fixed-wing aircraft.

This argument may sound farfetched. But, in reality, is it any more farfetched than flying objects from outer space?