Obama Family Ally Says Biden’s Move An “F— You” Message

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- In a heated and angry Twitter thread, former Obama White House Ethics director Walter Shaub expressed his outrage over President Biden’s nepotistic hiring practices despite Biden’s campaign promise to restore ethics to government.

The Biden Administration has so far hired the family members of many Administration officials – including Jen Psaki, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, as well as several others.

In his Twitter thread, Shaub apologized to the people who “don’t like hearing criticism” of Biden, but added “I’m disgusted.”

Explaining that a lot of people, including himself, worked hard to “tee up” Biden to “restore ethics to government,” Staub expressed dismay that he foolishly believed Biden’s promises. Shaub then bitterly called this massive family hiring “a real f**k you” to them and to government ethics.

What infuriated Shaub more than anything was “EVEN THE F-ING HEAD OF PRESIDENTIAL PERSONNEL, WHO IS SUPPOSED TO BE KEEPING THEM HONEST” got a recently-graduated child hired into the Administration.

Calling the widespread nepotism “ridiculous” and a “f**king failure,” Schaub turned his attacks on the lobbyist now populating Biden’s Administration – including a “milk lobbyist running USDA,” and the “‘strategic advisor’ (i.e., shadow lobbyist) running the State Department.”

In a statement to the Washington Post on Friday, White House deputy press secretary Andrew Bates defended the Administration hiring staff members’ family claiming President Biden “has instituted the highest ethical standards of anyone to ever hold this office.”

That’s laying it on a bit thick. Then again, most of the White House statements sound like they were written by North Korean officials on behalf of Kim Jong Un.

One family that has benefited enormously from Biden’s embrace of nepotism is the family of White House Counsel Steve Ricchetti.

In addition to Steve, Ricchetti’s son J.J. was given a job as special assistant in the Office of Legislative Affairs in the Treasury Department. Steve’s other son Daniel is a senior adviser in the office of the undersecretary of State for arms control and international security. Meanwhile, his daughter Shannon is deputy associate director at the office of the White House social secretary.

As Shaub told Fox News, “it feels like taxpayers are funding a career-building charity for the Ricchetti family.”

When are people going to stop being so surprised that Biden is a liar?