Obama Says Democrats “Got A Story To Tell, Just Got To Tell It”

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- As the midterm election nears, reporters questioned former President Barack Obama about his party’s problems.

While heading for the exit after a Tuesday news conference, former President Barack Obama assured reporters that Democrats “got a story to tell; they just have to tell it.”

As gas prices rise and President Joe Biden’s favorability rating declines, Obama’s remarks may be wishful thinking. The Dems have a story, but they may not want to tell it. Obama, though, might be the guy to try and take a crack at it; he never shied away from crafting a delusional narrative and had a knack for hypnotizing people with his lofty speeches.

According to the latest polling by FiveThirtyEight, Republicans are favored by 2.1 percentage points, at 44.7%, compared with 42.6% for Democrats, in a mock election.

In addition, according to an NBC News survey issued on March 27, there was a 17-point discrepancy in excitement between Republicans and Democrats going into the election.

Despite this dismal outlook, Biden told reporters at the same event that Democrats should not be ashamed of their record over the previous two years.

The failing president said, optimistically, that he has a track record that he can be proud of, a plan that tackles the most pressing issues in America and people’s lives, and a message that resonates.

Like Obama, Biden says that all that needs to be done is sell the narrative with confidence, clarity, conviction, and repetition.

The problem is, what exactly are the positives that the left can hang their hat on?

Try as they may, it’s challenging to sell the story of rising energy prices, soaring food costs, increased crime, an epidemic of homelessness, the massive influx of border jumpers, Covid, Russia’s saber-rattling, and China’s quiet aggression.

Republicans are confident that there will be a significant red wave this November.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., predicted that the Republicans would win convincingly.

McCarthy said at an annual conference in Florida, “We’re going to win the majority, and it’s not going to be a five-seat majority,”