Obama Tries To Emotionally Blackmail GOP Over Capitol Attack

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- President Barack Obama seems to think that he can use emotional blackmail to get Republicans to vote for extremist Democrat legislation that would make it easier for illegal aliens to cast votes in national elections.

But his efforts will likely fail.

During a tele-town-hall with former Attorney General Eric Holder, and with activists in attendance, Obama referred to the January 6 riot in Washington, D.C. and used it as an example of why voting needs to be made less secure.

He also wrongly referred to the protest, which got violent at times, as an “insurrection.”

Where was this guy when supporters of his party and Black Lives Matter were out in the street in 2020 causing $2 billion in damage? That sounds a little worse than a short riot that was dealt with by police officers…

Obama claimed that democracy is “on the line” and that Republican senators are “going along with the notion that somehow there were irregularities” and other problems with the last election.

Has Obama even thought about checking the evidence?

Matt Braynard, a data analyst from the Voter Integrity Project, has already presented concrete evidence of tens of thousands of ballots being cast in battleground states. Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani also represented more than one thousand sworn affidavits from election officials who witnessed fraud in the last election, too.

Obama also said that the violence should remind Democrats that democracy cannot be taken for granted.

He encouraged Republicans to refrain from filibustering an upcoming vote on the “For the People Act,” a piece of radical proposed legislation that would force states to accept mass mail-in voting and even remove voter ID requirements.

Something makes us think his emotional blackmail won’t work on most Republicans…