Ocasio-Cortez May Never Have To Face Justice Now 

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- 19FortyFive reports that representative Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is the subject of an inquiry by the House Ethics Committee for accepting inappropriate gifts. The investigation alleges AOC was given jewelry, purses, and a Brother Vellies couture dress for the 2021 New York City Met Gala that said “TAX THE RICH” emblazoned on her back and backside.  

AOC’s actions are scrutinized more broadly due to the probe into “impermissible gifts,” which might reveal even more deceitful behavior. Yet, other Democrats have broken House rules in a much more egregious fashion (no pun intended.) 

Former Democratic representative from Massachusetts, Barney Frank, admits to having an extended romance with a male bisexual hooker who was simultaneously operating a homosexual prostitution ring out of Frank’s congressional residence.  

Former Florida Republican Congressman Tom Feeney referred to Frank as “the sharpest” member he had ever worked with, but Feeney got into hot water for accepting inappropriate gifts from notorious lobbyist Jack Abramoff.  

The Democratic leader in the California state legislature, Nancy Pelosi, has always been suspected of exploiting her official position to benefit her investor husband by facilitating what amounts to insider trading.  

The Democrats want the probe to continue so that they can rest sure that AOC will continue to answer to the party’s leadership and so that they can clear up any allegations of wrongdoing before AOC’s career takes off. The deeper issue with this story is its picture of a high-paid politician demanding that the rest of us “pay our fair share” by increasing taxes so she can afford the thousands of dollars in gifts she received without disclosing them. 

The accusations of hypocrisy against Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are expected to have little impact on her political future. She had a 40 percent popularity rating among Millennials in February, and she’ll only grow in popularity with that group.  

The Republican watchdog organizations that raised the AOC issue will not see justice, as AOC will emerge from it stronger and more fully integrated into the Democratic Party establishment.  

AOC is a member of a group of untouchables called “the Democrats.” This controversy will not derail her, and she will be a serious presidential candidate in the near future.