Officials Order Man Removed From Building For Calling Out Book Allowed In Children’s Library

( Democrats are so obsessed with teaching Critical Race Theory in schools that they aren’t just willing to condemn opponents of Critical Race Theory as racists, but they’re happy to smear concerned parents as domestic terrorists and even set security officials on parents who expose the dangerous ideas being taught to their children.

One speaker at a recent school board meeting in Florida was dragged out of the room by security while reading out a vulgar and sexually-charged section of a book that is currently available to students in Orange County’s high school libraries.

Video footage shows how Orange County School Board Chairwoman Teresa Jacobs shouted and instructed security to remove 27-year-old Jacob Engel as he read an excerpt of the book titled “Gender Queer: A Memoir.”

“I’m going to read a passage of a book that’s floating around in your schools that has been banned from many others schools,” the man starts, adding that as a member of the LGBT community, he is concerned that this book has been “floating around for children as young as ninth grade.”

He then begins reading from the book. The passage is written from the perspective of a character who is describing their experience dating somebody for two months.

“We’ve made out. We’ve had sex. We moved down the sex thing at work…” it reads.

Engel then reads a particularly explicit part of the book that talks about strap-on dildos and other sex devices, prompting Jacobs to step in and try and make him stop reading the book. But Engels continues to read an even more explicit sexual part of the book, which prompted Jacobs to call him “out of order” and scream for security to remove him.

He is then removed from the meeting.

The footage, which you can see here, was recorded by a member of Moms For Liberty.

Why are our nation’s school boards defending books that describe explicit sex acts being available to children in ninth grade?

And why don’t they want us talking about it?