OPERATION MAGA: Pence Will Head MAGA Rallies As Trump Recovers In Hospital

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- A statement from President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign on Sunday confirmed that Vice President Mike Pence is expected to host a rally in Peoria, Arizona, on Thursday as President Donald Trump recovers in the Walter Reed Medical Center. Pence will head the rally a day after taking on vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris in a debate on Wednesday.

The plan to let Pence take over the president’s campaign duties has been dubbed “Operation MAGA” by the Trump campaign.

In an official statement, the campaign said that the operation was a “full marshalling of top-level surrogates, campaign coalitions, and Trump supporters to rally behind the President.” The plan is to use surrogates for as long as President Trump is confined to the hospital or the White House as he recovers from COVID-19.

All in-person events will go ahead during these final crucial weeks of the presidential campaign.

“Operation MAGA will fire up the entire MAGA universe to keep President Trump’s campaign at full speed until our Commander-in-Chief returns to the campaign trail,” Campaign Manager Bill Stepien announced.

It’s worth noting that Stepien also recently tested positive for COVID-19 and is continuing his work running the campaign as he recovers.

“Vice President Mike Pence, the First Family, our coalitions, and our grassroots supporters will be out in full force to show the real enthusiasm behind the President’s re-election and to show we’re working as hard as he always does.”

Stepien said that he was encouraging the president’s supporters to “Pick up the banner themselves” by volunteering to help in their “grassroots Army for Trump” by flying Trump flags, putting out more yard signs, and wearing MAGA hats and tee-shirts in public.

When Vice President Pence takes the stage in Arizona, it will be the first major in-person campaign event since the president was hospitalized on Friday. The White House said that President Trump is doing well and that is hospitalization was done “out of an abundance of caution.”

The decision to use Vice President Pence as a surrogate at the rally may turn out to be a good one, as a digital event simply wouldn’t have the same impact. It has not been confirmed whether or not President Donald Trump intends to appear at the rally digitally.

On Saturday evening, President Trump published a four-minute video in which he described his experiences, how he and the first lady are feeling, and that he intends to finish the job of Making America Great Again despite his illness.