Oprah’s Latest Comment About Money Has Fans Wondering

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- Oprah Winfrey sparked debate after her latest comment about money. The 68-year-old appeared to many as insensitive when she seemed shocked that a gift worth “like a hundred and some dollars” was expensive, according to The Daily Wire.

The debate ensued when a TikTok was posted by someone approaching and asking for Winfrey’s gift recommendation for his mother, referring to the former hosts favorite gifts. After thinking for a moment, Winfrey suggested he buy “a beautiful red jewelry box.” But the box was out of his price range.

“No, it’s not. It’s really not. It’s like one hundred and something dollars,” Winfrey said appearing surprised. When the user asked her if there might be something less expensive and more sentimental.

“Lower than $100?” she asked, following up by saying that he can make a gift from the heart and write down ten reasons why he loves his mother and give her the card.

The video garnered over 800,000 views and received over 350 comments. Many users were saying how “shook” Winfrey was when he said that it was too expensive, observing how she recoiled at his comment.

“She said oh you poor? I got a better gift for you,” one user wrote receiving over 4,800 likes. “Oprah said I’m not even gonna try to give you a suggestion for $50 Here you go free from your heart.”

Another user pointed out that she was asked about her favorite gifts, so said it was obvious that her favorite gifts would be over $100, concluding by saying that her suggestion was good for someone who has a job.

Winfrey was accused of being “out-of-touch” before. In 2017, she reportedly told Ellen DeGeneres that she had not visited a bank since 1988. Her website, OprahDaily, has a holiday gift guide with 104 gift ideas.