Over 300 Russian Officers Reportedly Killed in Fighting

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- According to data compiled by an independent Russian newspaper, since the start of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, more than 300 Russian officers have been killed in the fighting.

MediaZona was able to confirm that 317 officers from the rank of junior lieutenant and higher have been killed in just over two months of fighting. Nearly a third of those were senior grade officers, major and above, including at least two generals and the deputy commander of the Russian fleet in the Black Sea.

While MediaZona is one of the independent Russian outlets currently blocked in Russia, it continues to operate online. By reviewing public reports from local government officials, newspapers, and social media posts from surviving families, MediaZona was able to compile its data on officers killed in action.

In short, MediaZona’s figures may be incomplete and the true number of deaths could be much higher. Compounding the problem are delays between troops being killed and their deaths being reported, problems with identifying the dead, and, of course, Moscow deliberately hiding how many troops have been killed.

In total, MediaZona was able to find data of 1,744 reports of Russian military deaths in Ukraine. The Kremlin’s official number is 1,351. But that has not been updated since late March.

Of the 1,744, MediaZona found 317, or one-fifth of the total, were officers.

Russia has acknowledged that two Major Generals, Andrei Sukhovetsky and Vladimir Frolov were killed in action.

The Russians have also acknowledged the death of the deputy commander of its Black Sea fleet, Captain 1st Rank Andrei Paly.

The Ukrainian military claims to have killed ten Russian generals, including two who were killed over the weekend in Kherson when Ukrainian forces hit a command post near the city. A third general was reported critically wounded in that strike. Kyiv is claiming a total of 50 officers were at the Kherson command post at the time it was blown up.

According to the British, it is believed the Russian forces have lost 15,000 troops since the February 24 invasion of Ukraine began while Ukrainians claim over 22,000 Russians have been killed.

But the total number of Russian troops killed in Ukraine may never be determined as it has been reported that Russian forces are either burning some of their dead, burying them in mass graves, or leaving the bodies to rot where they died.