Oxford University Professors Say Coronavirus NO LONGER An Epidemic In UK

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- The United Kingdom was by no means one of the first European countries to be hit by the Chinese coronavirus, but if a new report from experts at the University of Oxford is to be believed, then lockdown measures may not be required for very much longer. A team of experts in the prestigious university claim that the Chinese coronavirus is no longer an epidemic in the country thanks to a significant drop in the infection rate.

A study from the Office for National Statistics that was performed alongside Oxford University, Public Health England, and the University of Manchester, found that around 136,000 people in the country, roughly 0.24% of the UK population, are currently suffering from coronavirus infection.

For a disease to be considered an epidemic, it requires a surveillance rate of more than 40 people infected per 10,000. According to the new figures released in the report, the current rate is 24 people infected per 10,000 people. Another study, from the Royal College of General Practitioners, that the infection rate may actually only be 3 per 10,000.

What does this mean? Well, it suggests that the lockdown measures in the United Kingdom have worked. Unlike the United States, the British government implemented a furlough scheme that allows the country’s workers to withdraw 80% of their monthly salary up to £2,500 per month, meaning businesses were able to continue operating and not let go of staff. It meant more people were able to stay at home and stricter lockdown measures could be put in place.

It doesn’t mean, however, that the virus has simply gone away.

Speaking to the Telegraph newspaper, the academics involved with the study said, “The current community transmission of Covid is low, and not at epidemic levels.”

“Rates of upper respiratory tract infections and lower respiratory tract infections have fallen significantly since March when social distancing measures were introduced.”

They went on to explain that the observed reduction in these infections occurred “through the encouragement of social distancing.” Interestingly, they also confirmed comments made by President Donald Trump earlier in the year when he said the virus may begin to go away as the weather gets warmer, stating, “some of this fall would happen naturally at this time of year with the onset of spring.”

While it’s good news for the British, the United States is still seeing the virus spread across the country. With a much larger country and more politicians wanting to deal with the crisis in different ways, there’s no way to know when the virus will become insignificant in the United States.