PA Dem Governor Says Wear Masks In Your Home

( Pennsylvania’s Democratic Governor Tom Wolf announced on Tuesday that new COVID-19 measures would include requiring people to wear masks even in their own home. The insane new measures will require Pennsylvania residents to wear a mask if they invite somebody into their own property – a move that is not likely to go down well.

Dr. Rachel L. Levine, Pennsylvania’s Secretary of Health, appears to be an architect of the new plans that were published by the Department of Health on Twitter.

“Masks are still required. Indoors: masks now required anytime you’re with people outside of your household, even if you’re socially distant,” the department said.

The department also added that anybody visiting Pennsylvania from another state, or returning home after visiting another state, will be required to be tested for the virus within 72 hours before entering.

“Issuing order requiring anyone who visits PA from another state to get tested w/in 72 hours before entering PA,” the department rules. “Pa’ians who travelled to other states must follow same rules when coming home. Does not apply to those who commute to/from another state for work or medical treatment.”

So…if you travel out of state for work, you’re safe?

If you travel outside of the state for medical treatment….you’re safe?

The department did not clarify.

According to the new rules, colleges and universities should have new capacity for quarantine and isolation, and should be “prepared to enforce violations of established policies such as mask wearing and physical distancing.”

The ruling that requires people to wear masks in their homes is perhaps the most controversial part of the new orders and flies in the face of established science – something the Democrats have repeatedly said that they wish to follow. On Wednesday, the New York Times published the results of a study in Denmark which found that “surgical masks did not protect wearers against infection with the coronavirus.”

Are Democrats following the science, or testing how far they can go?