Pantsuit Nation Feminist Group Shuts Down   

( According to reports, Pantsuit Nation, a Facebook-born organization that supported the first female Democratic presidential contender, Hillary Clinton, announced on Friday that it would be disbanding by the end of the weekend. 

Pantsuit Nation had previously merged with the Facebook group Supermajority. 

After rallying 2.8 million women to vote for Hillary in 2016, the underground feminist voting organization Swing Left announced its dissolution on Thursday. 

In the 2016 election, the Pantsuit Nation made news for encouraging Clinton supporters to dress the part and wear a power suit to the polls. 

For its 2.8 million members, the announcement of the dissolution of the underground feminist voting club that encouraged Hillary Clinton supporters to storm the polls in pantsuits in 2016 came as a complete surprise on Thursday. 

The Pantsuit Nation online group was informed that the Facebook-born campaign backing the first female Democratic presidential contender would be shutting down by the end of the weekend. 

The Pantsuit group’s fan base, which once had 4 million members, is now down to a more modest 2.8 million. 

The temporary executive director of Supermajority claimed they were removing the Facebook page to concentrate on other channels to improve female voter participation, which may be related to the group’s dwindling membership. 

Less than six months have passed since the 2022 midterms, which Supermajority boasted of as a great victory. According to a news release issued by the organization in November, it claimed credit for a surge in the number of women who registered to vote. 

Nobody knew why the page was shut down except the administrators until they were told. 

Supermajority assured its members that it would keep the seven-year-old group alive, but on March 18, it stopped accepting new posts, comments, and replies. 

Many users complained that Supermajority staff had deleted anti-decision messages that had been moderated onto the site and that staff had refused to approve more than 400 user-generated feed updates. 

Several people wondered why Supermajority didn’t just transfer control of the page to its millions of followers so that the members, who had developed meaningful relationships via the page over the years, could keep using it. 

Trouble in the radical feminist nation.