Patricia Arquette Proposes Effort to ‘Kick Russia Out of NATO’ in Deleted Tweet

( Hollywood celebrities have embraced the moral panic over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine with the same full-throated enthusiasm with which they embraced the moral panic over COVID, Russian collusion, and the death of George Floyd.

Last week, actress Patricia Arquette responded to the news that Russian troops had gained control of Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant by tweeting “Kick Russia out of NATO.”

Yeah, she did.

The hilarious Twitter account Defiant L’s quickly posted a screenshot of Arquette’s NATO tweet along with a former tweet of hers from 2018 in which Patty complained about people “spouting off” before they do “minimum research.”

Patricia was inundated with replies pointing out that Russia is not a NATO member and finally, hours later, deleted the ignorant tweet.

After she deleted her tweet, Arquette offered an excuse for why she mistakenly demanded Russia be kicked out of a treaty organization in which it is not a member.

You see, what Patricia Arquette supposedly meant to say was “Kick Russia out of UN.”

But, she explained, because she is dyslexic and was tired after working a couple of 14-hour days, Arquette accidentally “flipped NATO and UN.”

That excuse didn’t fly.

Twitter users responded that dyslexics flip letters and words, they don’t flip one acronym for another entirely different acronym.