PBS Show “Arthur” Pushes “Racism” Propaganda to Children

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- Remember the kid’s TV show “Arthur”? It’s the cartoon show about a young aardvark and his best friend, a rabbit, that has been teaching and entertaining children for decades now. Following the death of George Floyd, however, the show has started parroting far-left propaganda and teaching children about racism and white privilege.

The PBS show, which is taxpayer-funded, has begun depicting the United States as a racist country where police officers hunt down people based on race. Basically, it’s teaching children exactly the kind of crazy stuff Black Lives Matter wants the schools to start teaching too.

Now might be the right time to dig out that old VHS player and only let your children watch shows from a time when things were normal.

In the segment below, Arthur and his friend Buster the rabbit appear to be talking via video call, in reference to the COVID-19 pandemic that forced millions of American children to take school classes from home. In the video, they are talking about the recent death of George Floyd, without mentioning him by name, before calling up their teacher to ask more about what happened.

In what world do children need to know about a tragic death that resulted from police brutality?

Arthur asks Buster, “Did you see that video?”

“Yeah, I just watched it,” Buster said. “It was awful! I can’t believe someone would be hurt like that, just because they’re black.”

First of all, there is no evidence the death of George Floyd had anything to do with race. As it stands, it appears to be a case of police brutality. But the writers at Arthur are clearly more interested in promoting a divisive political agenda.

“Buster, it happens everywhere!” Arthur responds, untruthfully. “I was talking to Mrs. MacGrady the other day and she said there’s a really long history of black people not being treated fairly in this country.”

This narrative is dangerous. It suggests that black people are being hunted by the police when FBI data shows that isn’t the case at all.

Mrs. MacGrady then joins them in their video call, telling them that the video made her “blood boil” and that it isn’t enough to just say “I’m not racist” – a line that far-left activists use all the time to shame people into supporting their divisive “anti-racist” agenda which splits society down racial lines.

Are you happy with your tax dollars being spent on far-left propaganda being aired to children?