Pelosi Attack’s Mental Condition Revealed By Girlfriend

( The imprisoned ex-partner of the nudist hippie drug addict who attacked Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul last week said in a recent interview that he had been “mentally ill for a long time.”

Oxane Taub, a noted public nudity activist in the San Francisco Bay area who goes by the name “Gypsy,” has known suspect David DePape for over twenty years and is the mother of his children.

Taub did a phone interview with ABC7 from the California Institution for Women where she is serving time after being convicted last year for the abduction of a 14-year-old near his Berkeley high school.

A nudist and a pedophile. What a gal!

Taub and DePape have two sons and a daughter whom they raised together until he left about 7 years ago.

She told ABC7 that DePape has been mentally ill “for a long time” and in recent months the 42-year-old DePape started getting into conspiracy theories. She added that when he returned after being missing for a year, DePape was “in very bad shape.”

How bad?

Well, according to Taub, for about a year, DePape thought he was Jesus. He was also “constantly paranoid,” believing people were out to get him. She told ABC7 that it took a year or two to get him back to being “halfway normal.”

How a nudist pedophile defines “halfway normal” is anybody’s guess.

When asked if DePape ever showed any hostility toward politicians or held any of the extreme political beliefs the media have assigned to him, Taub said he had no experience with politics when they first met and his views were “very much in alignment” with hers and she has “always been very progressive.”

Whelp. So much for that talking point.

Taub also extended an apology to Speaker Pelosi and her husband “for the terrible tragic thing that happened,” adding that she “absolutely” admires Nancy.

It will be a comfort to Nancy Pelosi to learn that a woman in prison for abducting a teenage boy admires her.