Pelosi Claims She “Trusts His Judgement” After Biden Leaves Afghanistan In Ruins

( On Wednesday, far-left House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made the bold decision to defend President Joe Biden’s disastrous handling of the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan.

Just a day before suicide bombers killed more than a dozen American marines in Kabul, during a rushed evacuation mission to save American civilians he left stranded in Afghanistan, Pelosi publicly stated that she trusts President Biden’s “judgment.”

She must be kicking herself right now.

Pelosi’s comments came as Republicans and Democrats alike criticize President Joe Biden for refusing to budge on his arbitrary deadline of August 31 to evacuate all American civilians and allies from Afghanistan.

Speaking to reporters at the Capitol Building, Pelosi said that Biden is balancing the “equities of what is the threat to our military and the people at the airport versus the advantage of staying” – which isn’t the case. President Biden didn’t need to keep the military in Afghanistan to keep Americans safe.

He could have evacuated Americans and allies before withdrawing the military. Which was President Donald Trump’s plan.

Pelosi noted that many lawmakers are encouraging the president to “stay longer” but that she trusts his judgment. Which is another disingenuous claim. The vast majority of lawmakers want Biden to stay in Afghanistan for as long as it takes to evacuate Americans he left stranded – not stay longer in the country to continue an unwinnable war.

Is Pelosi ever honest about anything?

Democratic Rep. Jason Crow of Colorado has been one of the most vocal Democrasts opposing Biden’s August 31 deadline, which was imposed by the Taliban. A former Army Ranger who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, and a close ally of Pelosi, Crow said that there are more people in Afghanistan who need saving than the American Army can handle between now and the end of the month, and insisted that the mission “must be extended.”

With just a few days to go, we’ll soon see whether Biden knows this to be true.