Pelosi Endorses Cuban Insurrection For Freedom While Attacking Trump Patriots

( On Monday, Speaker Nancy Pelosi tweeted out her support for the Cuban people – calling their uprising “an act of great courage.” She expressed support for the Cuban people in what she called “their pursuit of liberty” and “condemned any violence or targeting of those exercising their rights.”

Strange, isn’t it?

You’d think Nancy Pelosi would call on the Cuban regime to erect fencing and deploy thousands of soldiers to Havana to stop this insurrection.

Then again, the people’s uprising in Cuba is presenting a unique problem for Democrat leaders in Washington. On the one hand, Democrats want to be able to issue statements expressing support for the Cuban people, defend their right to protest while cautioning the Communist regime against cracking down on the people.

On the other hand, Democrats like Nancy Pelosi have to live with the rank hypocrisy of it all.

When Americans protested against the government on January 6, the Democrats and federal law enforcement responded with a crackdown. Fences were erected around the Capitol. Thousands of armed National Guard troops were deployed. The FBI began rounding up every American whose image was captured on camera while urging citizens to turn in their friends, neighbors and family members.

Six months later, members of Congress still claim they were attacked by “armed insurrectionists” who tried to “overthrow our democracy.” The level of propaganda would put the Cuban regime to shame.

The government’s response to January 6 was exactly the kind of thing Washington DC would condemn if it happened in Cuba.

Fortunately for her, Pelosi and the rest of the Democrats in Washington aren’t burdened with a whole lot of self-reflection and self-awareness. And rather than be chastened by their own hypocrisy, they revel in it.

The only similarity between the Democrats’ response to January 6 and their response to events in Cuba is they blame them both on Donald Trump.

It’s the Trump Administration’s fault, you see, for imposing further sanctions on the communist regime ninety miles off our shores that is cozying up to the Chinese Communist Party.

Ironically, the Democrats in Washington are using the exact same talking points as the Cuban regime in this regard. On Monday, Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel accused the US economic sanctions strengthened by Trump for causing the uprising.

Sounds like he and Nancy have a lot in common.