Pelosi Getting In Big Fight With Joe Biden

( Joe Biden’s victory lap over his negotiated compromise with Senate Republicans on infrastructure was cut short last week. After announcing the agreed-upon framework Thursday afternoon, two of the most powerful Democrats in Washington tossed a wrench in Biden’s happy news.

The first wrench was tossed by President Biden himself.

During his discussions with reporters, Biden made it clear that he would not sign the negotiated infrastructure bill into law unless the insane, expensive Leftist “not really infrastructure” infrastructure bill was also passed through the budget reconciliation process.

Republicans immediately began backing away from the agreed-upon framework believing Biden had double-crossed them. When the White House saw Republican support waning, the President was forced to issue a statement Saturday claiming he never meant to give the impression that he would veto the negotiated bill.

He didn’t give the impression; he flat-out said he wouldn’t sign the one without the other.

Despite the President’s efforts at damage control, the other powerful Democrat, Nancy Pelosi is plowing ahead creating even more damage.

Pelosi made it clear that unless the Senate passed the insane bill via reconciliation, she would not take up the negotiated infrastructure package in the House.

No doubt Pelosi knows her time as Speaker is on life support. And the only way to jam through as much of the radical Democrats’ agenda before the Midterms is to play hardball. But her tactics are not only putting her at odds with the White House, they are also running the risk of leaving the negotiated infrastructure bill in limbo for months as it is unlikely the House would take up the Senate bill before the extended August recess.

Democrats in the House haven’t ruled out the possibility that they’ll move to conference the Senate proposal with House Democrats’ nonsensical infrastructure wish-list. Party leaders believe this would buy them time to hammer out a reconciliation bill that Democrats in both the House and Senate, along with the White House could agree on by the time they return to work in September.

The problem, of course, is any changes made by Democrats are likely to shatter the very delicate agreement between the White House and Senate Republicans.