Pelosi Goes On Insane Political Rant Against Trump

( House Speaker Nancy Pelosi just won’t let former President Donald Trump go.

On Thursday, the California Democrat was asking for more funding to beef up Capitol security, and she just couldn’t resist throwing a shot Trump’s way. She said the extra funding was needed because there was ongoing threats of more violence from “all the president’s men.”

Pelosi was obviously attacking the rioters at the U.S. Capitol building on January 6, and connecting them to the former president.

At a press briefing Thursday, Pelosi said:

“Between COVID — where we need to have vaccinations more broadly in the Capitol so that many more people can come here and do their jobs — [and] the threat of all the president’s men out there, we have to ensure with our security that we are safe enough to do our job, but not impeding [that work].”

House Democrats have been pushing an increase in funding for Capitol security ever since January 6. On Wednesday of this week, a potential threat forced the House to move up one of their votes.

The FBI as well as Capitol Police warned them that some of the militia groups that had participated in the January 6 attacks were potentially organizing another attack on the Capitol for March 4. That date held significance because it used to be inauguration day for new presidents until the date was changed in the 1930s.

Law enforcement officials were warning that the conspiracy theorists were believing that Trump should return to the White House to take over that day.

Pelosi did, in fact, downplay the most recent threat. She said Republicans start their annual issues retreat that day anyway, and there was only a short floor schedule for the House in place already as a result.

She commented:

“I don’t think anybody should take any encouragement that, because some trouble-makers might show up, that we changed our whole schedule. No, we just moved it a few hours, and it largely will accommodate the Republicans going to their own [conference].”

Just one day later, though, Pelosi did admit that security concerns were at least partially behind the change in schedule for Thursday, saying:

“Frankly, there are a lot of us. The Senate is in, and they should be. We’re at least four times more people, and therefore all that that implies in terms of numbers of people in the Capitol — if in fact there’s any troublemakers around.”

Pelosi won’t back down from the insistence that more security is needed. She also won’t step down from a full-fledged investigation into what happened on January 6.

The Speaker is bringing in Russel Honore, a retired lieutenant general, to lead a comprehensive review of the Capitol security. She also wants him to recommend any reforms that he suggests.

Pelosi said Honore has already given some leaders in Congress a draft of that report. It’s possible that the full House will see the recommendations at some point next week.

In the meantime, expect Pelosi to continue going off on Trump, because it seems she has nothing better to do.